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PostSubject: Brink   Brink Icon_minitimeAugust 8th 2011, 3:35 am

So my brother finally came home from his moms and bought Brink. So I have started it yesterday and its actually a really good game! I own everyone at it and level up fast with my awesome techniques! Very Happy

http://xbox.brinkthegame.com/ <<- Xbox Brink Stats (Xbox is in the lead of PS3 and PC Together).

If you don't know what brink is then I will give you a brief description of both sides of the story; the Security and Resistance.

Security "We protect and serve." :

The Security are in place to keep order on the Ark. The leader of the Security is Captain Clinton Mokoena. They have run-ins with the Resistance, often making it hard to move around the city. They see themselves as protectors of order on the Ark, but the opposing Resistance sees them as fascist oppressors.

Resistance "You know what? To hell with the Founders. To hell with them telling us what to do." :

The Resistance is an organization oppositional to that of the Security that actively engages in combat in an attempt to contact the outside world and to escape The Ark. The Resistance is led by Brother Chen. They see themselves as liberators for freedom and equality, but the Security just sees them as terrorists.
The History:

Back when the Ark was a floating five star eco-resort and R&D eco-science park, it only needed a small corporate Security team to perform risk management and VIP protection duties. But as the seas rose, and the trickle of refugees to the Ark became a flood, the Ark needed a police force. And then an armed gendarmerie. Ark Security has now expanded into a heavily armed counter-terrorism force.

The Ark:

The Ark is a floating megastructure featured in Brink. It was originally constructed in the 2010s as an experiment in sustainable technologies. In the decades that followed, natural disasters turned the Ark into humanity's only shelter from calamity. By the 2040s, the Ark's resources were mostly depleted; disagreements over resource rationing led to a civil war between the Resistance, a group of oppressed lower-class workers, and the Security, the Ark's police force.

Recources (You can find more information here) :

Main Page
The Security
The Resistance
The Ark

I give this game a 4/5 because I dont like how the A.I.s are setup in this game They should have givin you options to customize the A.I.s awareness of enemies, objectives, and jobs. (Like as you level up to higher levels you can make your A.I.s better/smarter/faster/etc.) <<- This is what I wish was available!


Official Launch Trailer:

My favorite part of the game, Character Customization:
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