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 Possible Site Migration

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PostSubject: Possible Site Migration   June 16th 2010, 3:37 am

Hello guys.

Recently I've been seeing how I can make these much more interactive and fun while keeping a decently appealing impression to new visitors and keeping it user-friendly. A lot of things have been added in my attempt at trying to make these forums much more fun; but it doesn't seem to be going the way I planned.

...However, I have found a MUCH better free-forum host that I believe will serve much better than the current forums we have. It runs on PhpBB (what these forums currently use), but the new host I've found offers a TON of new features that have not yet been introduced to the host of these forums (Forumotion).

  • The new forums are much more customizable than these.
  • There are far more user permissions available so that things will be organized much easier (for example, Moderators could have the option to approve a post on a special forum or something.)
  • There is a built-in Arcade that offers a ready-to-go Hiscore table (Yes, that means you can compete for a hiscore on a game and will be notified if your hiscore is beat, etc.)
  • Customizable BBcodes can be added.
  • Customizable Chatbox (sound alerts, private messaging/chat...)
  • ...and a crap load more lol.

I'm currently setting up another forum we can use in case I decide it would be 100% best to move to the new forums. In that case, if we do make a switch, I will post an announcement on here listing the new url so that current members will be able to register. I'll also post a preview of it before the announcement so I can see which forums you guys would be much happier with. If a preview is posted, I'll select one or two members to get a before-hand look at the actual site to help out/give suggestions. I've only been testing around for a short while but I can say there is a little more than a 50% that we may move.

*Remember, this is just a small heads-up and has not been decided yet.
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Possible Site Migration
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