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 Beginner's guide to Vindictus

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PostSubject: Beginner's guide to Vindictus   August 27th 2011, 3:50 am

This is a general guide on how to play Vindictus. This guide explains some of the vague aspects of the game, how to play, some of the useless skills, the weapons, some techniques and how to fight bosses.

Starting Off:
First when you start playing make a character for each of the characters and level them up till you get a skill called meditation. Meditation will automatically give you points to put into your skills even when you are offline. It will take a few months months to cap out at 1000 skill points using Meditation so when you do decide playing your character you will already have a ton of points that you can use on skills. If you decide you want to continue playing on a single character you can get on every month to use your points since you won't be able to get any more points when you get 1000 without using some first. The skill points you get in Vindictus is unlimited so don't worry about picking the wrong skills but try to pick the more useful ones.

Class Specific:
Although there are a ton of weapons in the game there are a few ones that stand out as being better than all the others. Although you can use any weapon you want (as long as your character can wield it) try to use the highest level ones you can use and ones that have the most STR and Attack (INT and Magic Attack for Evie). Each class has 2 different weapons they use t


Useful Skills:


Armor sets:


Useful Skills:


Armor sets:


Useful Skills:


Armor sets:


Useful Skills:


Armor sets:

Useless Skills:
There are also a ton of skills and I won't go into the detail of all the useful ones but I will tell you which ones aren't that good and shouldn't be ranked unless you absolutely have . As a rule of thumb don't rank skills when they start costing over 400 AP unless it is an extremely useful skill. Eventually you are going to max these skills out since you won't have anything else to stick your AP into but these should be lowest priority. This list is for all classes.

Defense Mastery: Defence is useful but not the skill since it costs a ton of AP and doesn't help much.

Mana mine: does crap damage and is mostly used to annoy AFK people when they get back.

Meditation (higher rank. Ranking meditation at low levels is fine): People did some math and found that you won't be able to pay off Rank A Meditation from AP used by ranking Meditation for a whole year. Low ranks of Meditation will pay themselves off in a few months though.

Alchemy: Transform Erg: It takes too long to find something to transform into health ergs and is completely impractical to heal yourself except when fighting trash mobs before you reach the boss. In this case is is still better to use grab and press the smash button (right mouse click) next to destructible objects or a ledge which will give everyone in your party some health.

Clash: This skill is extremely flashy but most likely it will get you killed. It also has a long cooldown so even if you are pro at using the skill you will most likely have killed the boss before you can use it a few times.

Pillar Charge: does crap damage and I'm still not sure what this stamina consumption thing is. If it decreases the stamina consumption by some amount (it doesn't seem to change it by any noticeable amount) then you might want to rank it eventually but it still isn't a very useful skill (except to use dropkick although you don't need to use pillar charge for very long to use it anyway).

Smash: Gust Sting: Flashy but hardly does any damage and you would be better off using a regular smash.

Alchemy Mercury Trap: doesn't work on quite a few of the strong bosses and bosses stuck on a mercury Trap can still attack. This may be helpful in a staff Evie party or if a boss runs around a lot but it isn't really worth the points otherwise.

Long hammer: Honey Bee sting. The same thing as Gust Sting except for hammers.

Stone Skin: Even worse than Defense mastery and you would be better off enhancing your items to get the extra defense than put points into this skill.

SP: Clipped Wings: For the most part staff Evies shouldn't get very close enough to bosses and this skill hardly makes a noticeable difference anyway.

SP: Slashing High: It will increase your DPS by quite a bit but it isn't really practical until it is really high rank since it burns 3 SP bars and you will have better things to put your AP into until your really high level.

Heavy cancel: Each attack has an animation but some of them are really long and can be cut short by using a different animation. This is called canceling but is often called Heavy canceling since the Fiona skill called Heavy Cancel is essential to increase a sword Fiona's DPS and canceling isn't as essential for other characters. To cancel all you have to do is to do something (dodge for Evie, Lann and Karok and quickly use heavy stander by tapping space then W (for mouse setting) for Fiona) to cut your attack animation short. This can only be used at the end of your attack animation for most attacks that can be canceled but a few of them can be canceled during the skill animation to cancel your attack to dodge an enemy (this is mostly used for Evie). Video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stjJgaePJMs

Potion Mastery: If you have potion mastery ranked up you can hold down the button that is hotkeyed to your potion until your character puts down the bottle. If you do the timing right you will recover more health than usual. You can still do this without having potion mastery but it won't actually recover more HP.

I'll finish this later....

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Beginner's guide to Vindictus
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