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 How to lead a Laghodessa Rush Boat (staff Evie)

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PostSubject: How to lead a Laghodessa Rush Boat (staff Evie)   August 26th 2011, 1:46 am

Leading Laghodessa rushes as a staff Evie is probably the best way to farm money and experience (except for marketing or farming expensive break offs) when your level 43-56 and trying to get enough money for your level 56 items. This guide is a general guide on how to do them as fast as possible. Note that this guide assumes that: you are competent and can follow the guide, your computer/internet connection can handle the game (even if your computer can run the game at 60 fps all the time you might want to set all your graphics settings on the lowest just so you will lag less and load everything faster) and the people in your boat are also competent and have a good DPS. Just to clarify this a guide to help you do them as fast as possible for the sake of money and some exp and not a perfect guide on how to speed run the dungeon.

Firstly I'll explain why staff Evie is the best to do this. It is because staff Evie is a good at supporting team mates and increasing everyone's DPS. If your team has a good DPS you can take off 1/3 of both spiders health just from using Ice spear alone. Assuming your boat isn't all that great you can still do a decent amount of damage without putting yourself in too much risk due to staff Evie's range.

Since you are the leader of the group you will be loading first and will have a good 2 second head start from everyone else. Using your head start run right down the middle of the path until you get all the aggro of the spider mini bosses and quick cast ice blast on them when they clump up behind you. This should freeze all of the spider mini bosses behind you and allow the other people in your boat to kill them without worrying about getting hit by them. Meanwhile go to the top of the stairs and use ice spear on Ailliagh. You will need to do a combination of waiting and quick casting to make sure you hit Ailliagh with an ice spear at the right moment since the time it takes for your party to kill the spider mini bosses will varry. While everyone is fighting Ailliagh ignore them and run at the door until they finish so that everyone will be able to F12 as soon as Ailliagh is dead.

Behind the doors:
As soon as the battle starts run up half the distance between you and Laghodessa and quick cast ice spear. Again, you will have a 2 second head start because your the host which will hopefully get the bosses to focus on you (or someone relatively behind you). You will want to land ice spear on both bosses to freeze them and then use blind arrow as fast as possible (this is taking into account that blind arrow has a high cooldown so you can use it as quickly as possible afterwords). If you notice that another Evie is quick casting try to use Blind arrow instead. If you both use ice spear you will only be able to freeze the bosses once. Afterwards use healing Corona. The reason why you use corona at this point is because some people might be slightly damaged from the spiders outside and casting it at this point will most likely give more players a full heal. If your team is doing badly just use ice spear and blind arrow and try to make sure you don't become a casualty. If your team is doing well then blow all your cooldowns on the spiders. If the spiders get separated try to focus on the one that the majority of people in your party is focusing. If they are equal then focus on Laghodessa since Laghodessa has more AOE attacks than the Giant Spider. Mine the rocks when the battle end and most importantly at the end when it shows the exp/gold gained hold down the left mouse button on the screen that pops up to make it show the results faster. This will allow the replay dungeon button to pop up faster so you can force the people who are already in the party into a new boat to start over again. If you are a high level you may choose to do the raids naked since your mana shield should absorb a lot more damage then your armor reduces (as a staff Evie you shouldn't really be close enough to the bosses to get hit anyway) and this will save you money.

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PostSubject: Re: How to lead a Laghodessa Rush Boat (staff Evie)   August 26th 2011, 3:10 pm

Dude this is an awesome guide! Thanks Very Happy
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How to lead a Laghodessa Rush Boat (staff Evie)
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