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 Blood Money

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PostSubject: Blood Money   July 28th 2011, 11:42 am

I just tried the new Blood Money map and I have to say it isn't all that bad (although it gets a little chaotic since it is a little hard to tell who is real (and will therefore have better aim) and who is an NPC (and will therefore have more armor than a standard player)). The best thing about this new update is that the mercenaries deaths/kills count toward your own so it makes the new map the best way I've ever seen to repair kdr since most people are too focused on the objective and are easy targets for cross map sniping. In the last game I played I got 41/13 even though the people in the room were fairly decent players.

Edit: Just got 73/13 in the last game I played. This blood money thing is awesome.

Not sure if anyone remembers it but a while ago I posted some information about some modding site finding a lot of weird stuff in the CA files. It seems that most of those weird items are customization components and all of them have been released except for one which is a weird fish looking thing (which was the main reason why I thought the pictures were some prank made by a modder or some beta April fools event that was never implemented). My guess that they are going to be releasing some kind of fish sword or something in the next patch (I can't really remember it too well but it definitely wasn't a sword fish and looked more like a trout or perch).

Edit2: it seems that you can buy specs at an outrageously low rank now (not game breaking in my opinion since specs cost an outrageous sum of GP and now that you can get the NX rare stuff from daily missions which can be faster/tankier depending on the stats you want.). It seems that the mercenaries you hire in blood money use the combo system when you kill them in succession and don't count as a death when they die like I previously thought which means that it is most likely some bug nexon didn't get rid of and will probably get patched.


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PostSubject: Re: Blood Money   July 30th 2011, 2:28 am

I got a 121/23 Very Happy
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Blood Money
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