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 h0tt13's BACK!!!

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Retired Member

IGN : h0tt13
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PostSubject: h0tt13's BACK!!!   November 24th 2010, 4:30 pm

remember me?
I just took a short little, okay maybe it was long, but yeah i took a break from combat arms and all this stuff mainly to focus on school work and such.
and the fact that my computer crashed helped me stay away too.
anyways just thought id let yall know ill be on a bit more often that never so add me and we can play a few
cuz ima need some help gettin my skillz unrusted Very Happy
and if u dont remeber me/know who i am im h0tt13
im still suprised that this site is still up and running as well as the clan i guess?
idk im still downloading the new maps and such since i havent played since August.
oh well, see you guys later!
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IGN : Daraku9
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PostSubject: Re: h0tt13's BACK!!!   November 24th 2010, 5:17 pm

Still remember you but I no longer have your quote on my Facebook since I think a few of my friends might be offended by the usage of retarded. I'll add you the next time I'm on but you might want to look through the forums and read a few of the posts since some things have changed like kdr and rank requirements. You need to be at least SFC 1 and have a kdr of 1.1 and you will not be kicked for having a low kdr unless your kdr drops below .9 (although since you have been with us for a while we might give you some leniency especially if a new super OPK hack comes out.

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h0tt13's BACK!!!
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